PATRYCJA ANN – Owner/Creative Director

A native of Warsaw Poland, Patrycja grew up immersed in the latest designs and fashion found at the
center of the European fashion industry. She inherited a love for meticulous craftsmanship and innovation,
and spent seven years refining her skills in fashion, architectural, and graphic design before graduating
at the top of her class from the top ranked design school in the country, Politechnika Warszawska,
with a master’s degree in architectural design. Next, she moved to Manhattan and spent her early design
career balancing her passion for art and the sensibility of architecture. She worked as lead designer on
a wide range of architecture projects under the guidance of a prominent stylistic architect, while at the
same time she strove to get her artwork into preeminent galleries. Her extensive design skills then
led her to establish Ann Moda Studios. Patrycja and her design team are flourishing in the wedding industry
and now create original artwork for bridal events and special occasions around the world from their
studio in Indianapolis.